About Global Fellows Network

We believe leadership is a social process. Our fellows connect with each other and with WKKF to share ideas, resources, learnings and inspiration. The network offers fellows the opportunity to collaborate for continuous learning and participate in collective action—with and sometimes separate from WKKF—on important issues in their communities and around the world.


The Global Fellows Network facilitates connection between members and with the foundation to share ideas, resources, learning and inspiration.


The Global Fellows Network offers the opportunity for collaboration and continuous learning, as well as the chance to engage in multi-generational and cross-cultural partnerships.


The Global Fellows Network promotes action—within the network—on important issues impacting our fellows’ communities around the world. This is done with and sometimes separate from WKKF.

La June
“One of the most important things that we can do at the Kellogg Foundation acknowledges that the wisdom and the knowledge and the capacity for change is outside of ourselves, it’s in community, and it’s in the people and the leaders from the community.”
– La June Montgomery Tabron

Power of the network

Our roadmap to leadership

WKKF’s legacy of developing leaders dates back to our founder Will Keith Kellogg, who said “I’ll invest my money in people.” For more than 90 years we have supported the development of local leaders working on a host of issues. This timeline summarizes our support of leadership development programs inside and outside of the foundation.